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Building Lifelong Pianists, Singers & Guitarists

The Triad Music Academy Story

Triad Music Academy was founded in the Spring of 2022 by music educator Alek Wasserman with one goal in mind: to provide students in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with the skills and training to become lifelong piano learners. Offering piano lessons at our Main Studio in Winston-Salem, in students' homes in Winston-Salem and Raleigh, or at Instructor Shannon Lindegren's home studio in Lexington, Triad Music Academy is proud to serve students of all ages and ability levels. We have recently expanded our mission to offer voice and guitar lessons at our Main Studio!

Lifelong music making is an idea that our founder Alek was raised with. His father Lew worked as a classical music radio DJ for WFMR-FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the 1980s. A highlight of Lew's experience was when he got to interview the famous violinist Shlomo Mintz on air. Mintz told Lew that there were two kinds of people in this world: people who can play an instrument, and people who wish their parents hadn't let them quit. Thus, Alek and his brother Ian (a professional cellist) grew up in a household where learning to play music was a lifelong commitment.


At Triad Music Academy, we believe in providing the framework, education, and commitment necessary to develop lifelong piano, voice, and guitar learners. You can learn more about our approach by clicking here.

"Alek is an amazing piano instructor! I highly recommend Triad Music Academy!" - Paul, father of 11-year-old student

8 Reasons to Choose Triad Music Academy

  1. Piano lessons at our Main Studio, or in your home. Choose the location that works best for your schedule and needs. (Voice and guitar lessons are only available at the Main Studio.)

  2. Framework for developing the skills to become a lifelong pianist, singer, or guitarist. Learning materials are assigned based on students’ ages and prior experience to provide the most appropriate music learning experience. Students have the opportunity to play duets with their instructor, and proper technique is always a top focus. This way, you will truly learn to sing or play your instrument and continue playing for a lifetime.

  3. Qualified instructors. Founder & Lead Piano Instructor Alek Wasserman hand picks all TMA instructors based on their experiences and qualifications to teach your student. All TMA instructors have academic degrees in music and prior teaching experience.

  4. Convenient Main Studio location. In-studio lessons are offered at 895 Peters Creek Parkway, conveniently located just south of Downtown Winston-Salem, which is easily accessible from both I-40 and Salem Parkway.

  5. Great facilities. Our new studio is kept clean and tidy with everything you need for a successful piano, voice, or guitar lesson! We have grand pianos in each studio, including two brand new Geyer GG-150 baby grand pianos to support your student's piano technique and growth. Each studio is equipped with note boards, piano decorating kits, and other materials to make learning fun and imaginative!

  6. Wide range of lesson times built for your schedule. Lessons are offered Sunday through Friday. Daytime lesson options are great for homeschoolers, retirees, college students, and working professionals. After school lessons are available for traditional students.

  7. Month-to-month lessons. There is no required semester minimum. If you are ready to start, we would love to have you! You have nothing to lose and we only want students who want to be in lessons!

  8. Recitals and masterclasses. We hold three recitals per year, and three masterclasses per year with guest instructors from local university music faculties. These important performance opportunities will help your student grow into their best musical self.

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